Wiping the cobwebs off of my video production skills…

Lights, Camera, Action!  Those were real words I used back in the early to mid 90’s when I was full time into Video Production.  I spent four years dedicated to the art using technology far different, than what’s used today.  We used mostly Commodore’s running a program called Video Toaster, we used Macintosh Computers, not the ones running OSX, but the early day ones that looked funny compared to the fresh looking one’s today.  I would spend countless hours screenwriting, scripting, planning, producing, editing, and releasing videos. Some were on public access TV, and others were used in training videos used by the Sacramento County Government, to even getting the opportunity to work on a soap commercial with a famous Hollywood director.   Video Production back then was a lot of work that required setting up scenes and shots that could take up to 8hours for just 30seconds to 5 minutes of footage.   Recently a very renowned Chef in the Seattle area passed away suddenly, and family/friends were scrambling to make preparations for his funeral/memorial service, they had hired a company to create a photo slide deck with music playing in the background.  They were presented with the work only to go into panic mode.  One of the individuals working on making this even perfect reached out to me recalling my past and fondness for the art.  I had about 12 hours to put something together, and I did.   It was exhausting, challenging since I do not know any of the people I was making the video for and had little context or translation into the photos other than who a few of the people were, etc.  I chose to use iMovie given the time constraints, my fear of trying to re-familiarize myself with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier knowing that this free tool built into OSX was available to me.   While its limited in what it can do, they were blown away by what I put together.  I added my transitions and grabbed some footage outside of the photos they provided to dress it up a little more.   Marcus the individual who passed away came from Scotland.  I had several photos from Scotland and his family there to throw in. I saved those for last and added a tribute to his Scottish roots.   I’m a big critic of my work.  I look at it and see so much that needs to be done, they looked at it, and accepted the draft as final and said it was unbelievable.   I guess I should try and be a little less critical of m y work.


Please Click Here to watch the video I made for Marcus using Apple’s iMovie


For those interested in the Video Toaster, Click Here to be taken to the Video Toaster Wikipedia page.

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