The unbiased T-Mobile vs Verizon Wireless report

T-Mobile and Verizon are at WAR with each other.  It reminds me of the days back in California where the gangs were fighting for turf.  Both carriers claim they are better than the other with one carrier throwing around they have deep pockets and invest heavily, while the other seems to be spending in the social connection between customer and company, and while they are investing in infrastructure, they are also investing in their customer base.

I have been using both services now for the last several years because of the industry I have been in and the need to be available 24/7/365.  For me, I would grab one phone and talk, if I lost the call, I would simply grab the other phone and continue the call.  I didn’t judge one provider over the other when it came to coverage.

T-Mobile though has become my primary device in which communications take place.  I provide that cell number to all and they call my T-Mobile number.  I also use that device for my Internet browsing, tethering my computer for access when away from home, I’ve even used T-Mobile when my InterNET connection went down to stream between two TV’s that had AppleTV’s and they worked effortlessly as if connected to my fiber optic service at home.  I have on occasion surpassed the 28gb now 30gb limit by 20gb which only happened because I was testing Google photos and it was uploading my 150gigs of photos through the cellular network and the wifi over a couple of days.   Did T-Mobile slow me down?  If so, I didn’t notice.

Verizon has been my backup service always there when T-Mobile was not.  Ironically this only seems to be the case when traveling outside of the city on one of my hiking adventures.  Verizon was always there ready to work and allow me to stay connected.  I felt safe and confident that Verizon Wireless was able to be available for those trips where the T-Mobile service would simply not be available.

This is only the baseline, though, and T-Mobile has in my opinion, beat Verizon Down in so many ways when navigating through my usual circles of day to day life.

  • My local grocery store Verizon would go from LTE to 1x barely voice and no data while T-Mobile was almost full bars and LTE.
  • My Verizon Phone would update from Apple’s App store extremely slow while T-Mobile didn’t waste my time and pulled those updates down ASAP.  I would run the updates at the same time over two identical iPhones.
  • Verizon would kick butt in signal when going underground in the Seattle area. However, T-Mobile just seems to work better in buildings and around town.
  • T-Mobile’s unlimited service has been amazing, fast, and reliable in the majority of areas I need it to work.
  • T-Mobile gives you unlimited Voice, Text, and Data in Mexico and Canada while Verizon limits you to 500 Megs per day.
  • T-Mobile’s 600mhz spectrum is going to be a game changer
  • T-Mobile is investing in towers which only increases their service offering
  • T-Mobile has Digits which allows me to make/receive calls and texts from my Verizon Phone as if they were being made from my T-Mobile phone.

I recently started a new Consulting Gig. My first day I happen to have my Verizon Phone with me, so I have been using that number since it was provided to people I work with on day one, however, with digits, all my T-Mobile calls are coming in, and no one has any knowledge that the call is happening over Digits.

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