Microsoft has done so much for the world that we easily dismiss its integral role on society as we know it.  Bill and Paul were a couple kids that probably had absolutely no idea how much of an impact they were about to make.   When we hear Microsoft, we think of Windows, Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, and XBOX to name a few of the products we consume from the company.  Microsoft’s portfolio goes much deeper than the handful of applications I just mentioned.  Microsoft has provided vast amounts of investment into research and development both tied and untied to Microsoft products.  From cutting edge investment’s into breaking medical technologies, to saving Apple from going out of business, Microsoft is a global company, with a global initiative.  Yes they are in business to make money, but when you have the amount of money Microsoft has laying around, you invest in your community and give back to those who put you where you are.  Microsoft is a celebrity in its own right.  I had the pleasure and honor to work at Microsoft, I got to see from the inside the culture that many outside of Microsoft didn’t get to see.  Yes we road scooters through the hallways, super soakers, beer, wine, and alcohol, but if thats all you hear and all you accept, you are missing out on so much more.  I can tell you that the world we know it would not exist without Microsoft.