My love for football all started with a vendor giving me 4 tickets to a Seahawks game on the club level. At the time I was given the tickets, two of my wife’s uncles were with me and one of her cousins,  since they were there and I was being asked if I wanted the tickets, I asked them, they said yes with excitement, so I accepted and was going to a Seahawks game.  I called my wife to let her know what just occurred and to inform her I was taking 2 of her Uncles and 1 of her cousins.  She said that was nice and shortly after we ended the call.  Needless to say she was pissed I didn’t invite her and she didn’t tell me that she was upset.  So as the days moved onward towards game day, Jessie had been expressing how upset she was to various family members.  Days before the game, it was finally brought to my attention by one of her cousins, I was surprised and explained that I had no idea she was a football fan.  I learned that prior to marrying me, she was a huge football fan, gave it up, because I showed no interest in football. I did enjoy watching a raiders game ever once in awhile but that was rare.   I immediately called her and offered to give up my seat and she could go with her uncles and cousin.  Well thats when she laid into me and I deserved it all.  For starters, she was upset that I didn’t even ask her if she was interested in going, I never asked her if she liked football, I simply assumed she did not, now I’m offering up my ticket but she refused stating you already invited my family to go with you, so go with them.  I was stuck.  I told her I would call and pull one of the tickets back and that just was the wrong thought process.  I was trying to resolve the issue but she was not  having it.  To bring closure here, one of her Uncles had to back out last minute, Jessie’s remaining Uncle and Cousin, along with Jessie and myself went to the game and had a fantastic time.  The Seahawks Won, I Won, and I had so much fun, that I became a football fan.  Following up to that game, Jessie and I hit the pubs, houses, and tried to get to 2 or 3 live games per year for the last several years.  We are BluePride Member and I have fallen in love with Football.


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