Professional Life


My Professional career started at a young age when I was collecting the monthly fee on my newspaper route. One of my customers who was an executive for Pagenet, a national paging service provider, explained that I could start a company and sell pagers using Pagenet’s infrastructure as if it was my own.  I listened intensely took notes, went home, and started the process of becoming a business owner. I sold that business years later, and my first corporate career job was at a company called Larson Long Term Care Group.  It was a startup company that was heavily funded and grew like a mushroom, not a tree.   Within 12 months, we had our corporate office, and over 30 regional offices throughout the USA, employing just slightly over 1000 employees nationwide. I initially was hired as a temp to perform specific tasks and very quickly was hired on full time as the Systems Administrator for the entire company. I built the Information Technology Infrastructure from the ground up, hired the Information Technology staff, created a private point to point network between the corporate office and all branch offices. And, was given the responsibility of operations for our corporate facility.  I later was given an opportunity to work for Microsoft, and I took it. My boss Changhui was an inspiration and excellent mentor at this stage of my young life.  Microsoft needed me full time 24/7, and I gave them that. I had several roles at Microsoft and was part of many teams. I was very fond of the Windows Division and the Microsoft Business Solutions Division. I left Microsoft to take a break and during that time started Total IT Solutions as a hobby while in Southern California.   I sold that business after returning to Seattle and focusing on my next adventure.  Building Kanobe which was focussed on being a complete one stop shop for all your Information Technology and Communication needs.   I ran this successful business for 11years and sold it in July of 2016.  Kanobe provided a unique opportunity giving me the ability to work in several businesses and government organizations at the same time.  Kanobe supported a couple of city projects, provided services to FEMA, worked for restaurants, marketing firms, real-estate, banks, even a couple of big players such as Warner Brothers, ServiceNow, and WCI/Integra to name a few. We had several product offerings from Colocation/Datacenter services, outsourced Information Technology or Managed Services, VoIP, InterNET, Private Networks such as EPL or (Ethernet Private Line) and even dabbled in operations. All this was an amazing roller coaster ride.  We were providing critical time sensitive services to our clients who required 24/7/365 support.  For years we had staffing working around the clock 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year.  In the beginning, though, it was me and my wife Jessie that made it all happen.  I also had a few friends that would moonlight for me when we went on short little 2 or 3 days getaways.