Microsoft Loves FreeBSD

Microsoft has come along way over the years from considering Linux and Unix a cancer to embracing the competitive operating systems and investing in their success. Microsoft has been personally developing its own branch of FreeBSD that will adequately function on Hyper-V and Azure.

Microsoft is also contributing its development work on the FreeBSD Kernel back to the upstream source which benefits all parties.  The work they have done means, FreeBSD will fully integrate and work with Azure and Hyper-V environments plus, Microsoft will support FreeBSD versions 10.3 and later through Microsoft Support.

When Microsoft was questioned during a Q&A session regarding its involvement in FreeBSD development, they indicated the main reason Microsoft is developing its own version of FreeBSD is to ensure customers have an enterprise service level agreement (SLA) for FreeBSD VM’s running in Azure or Hyper-V.

“In order to ensure our customers have an enterprise SLA for their FreeBSD VMs running in Azure, we took on the work of building, testing, releasing and maintaining the image in order to remove that burden from the Foundation. We will continue to partner closely with the Foundation as we make further investments in FreeBSD on Hyper-V and in Azure,” said Jason Anderson, Principal PM Manager at Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Center.

This is an exciting time where technology competitors can join forces and start working together.   The future for Technology is only going to get brighter, more exciting, and competitive in other ways.  I look forward to seeing what’s next in our evolutionary step forward.

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