I love hiking, however, owning/operating a 24/7/365 business prevented me from hiking as much as I wanted to.  At my peak of hiking, I was hiking every weekend sometimes two different trails, and if I could get away with it, I would grab a small hike during the week say 5 miles round trip.  I also have other hobbies and interest as well but, hiking was my favorite. I would go anytime of the year, rain, snow, or shine.  I think it’s healthy for someone in the tech field which sits inside datacenter’s, or office’s looking at computer screens all day long, to get out into the outdoors, breathing in clean, fresh air, far away from technology, and out of reach of cell service.  In some cases it allows you to hit pause and unwind from the go go go of Information Technology.  As you make your way back down the mountain, getting closer and closer to civilization, the phone connects, to the tower, the email app pings the mail server, the phone notifies other services such as Hangouts, iMessage, SMS, as your device reconnects to the InterNET or as some call it “The Borg Collective”,  your in the last mile of a 13 mile hike, your body is tired, the pounding vibration, of every step as you navigate back to the car, vanishes as you
redirect your mind to checking in and responding to text messages, and emails, reintegrating back into civilization of today leaving the great outdoors and the culture of the past.  I also love to bike ride.  I have ridden the Burke-Gilman Trail several times from Bothell Washington, all the way down to Gas Works Park in Seattle.  The trail is fantastic, with several stops you can make literally on the trail such as pubs, restaurants, strip malls, parks, even University of Washington.  My baby Jessie has a bike as well.  Sometimes she will come with me on a ride.  She prefers to stay on trails and not venture out into streets or sidewalks.  My old Admin Amber Cave would go with me on the trail.  We would cruise all the way down to the end, stop at the pub, have a couple of cold brews, then venture back up north to Bothell where Jessie would pick us up.  I also love listening to music.  I listen to all kinds of music as well.  I’m not stuck in a particular genre of music.  Music has incredible benefits to the brain-body, and soul.  I can listen to music all the time if allowed. I also enjoy dabbling in photography taking photos while out hiking, around town, and of family events such as my wife’s surprise birthday party.  I have a stand, unique flashes, and plenty of digital cards to load up on photos.  I think at present, I have over 200,000 Photos stored.  I’m sure I can delete plenty of them.  I also love producing movies and just recently finished one for a memorial service at the request of a good friend of mine.  She was desperate to get something done.  She hired someone to make the video, and after a week, what she got, was just not at the level she was looking for. Out of desperation, she reached out to me recalling I dabbled in Video Production.  I studied Video Production for two years back in high school staying at school as late at 7:00 pm working in the studio, editing bays, effects bays, etc. making videos, commercials, short films, etc.


stay tuned [MORE TO COME]

Until then,