DirecTV Now

If you have not already heard the hype, then pull up your chair and continue reading.  DirecTV is in the process of making a huge change to the way it distributes its content,

Launched in late 2016 DirecTV started streaming its Satellite TV service over the Internet under the brand DirecTV Now.  This streaming service provides over 100 Live channels to your computer, tablet, phone, AppleTV, AmazonFire TV, and more devices soon.   This is going to be a game changer for the industry, open up access to the DirecTV ecosystem by allowing users unable to install satellite dishes, another medium to consume the service by using their broadband service instead.

I subscribed to DirecTV Now which cost me $35.00 per month. The Service provides over 100 channels of TV.

I added HBO for only $5.00 per month which allows me to keep tuned into Game of Thrones.   For someone that was paying DirecTV 183.00 per month so I can watch all my shows and now, I’m paying $40.00 for the HBO added, this is a tremendous saving per month.   DirecTV Now is also offering a FREE APPLE TV for signing up and pre-paying for the service three months in advance.   This is not a bad deal considering the cost of an AppleTV.  For those DieHard NFL Sunday Ticket fans, you can get the NFL Sunday Ticket through the AppleTV with or without a subscription to the DirecTV Now Service.   I would recommend you give this a try.  They have a free trial with no obligation.

Click Here to check out DirecTV Now

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