Microsoft adding co-authoring to the office lineup starting with excel

Yesterday Microsoft announced co-authoring is coming to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Microsoft is starting with Excel on the Windows platform for users set up on office insiders fast.  Co-Authoring feature allows you to see who else is working on the spreadsheet you are working on in real-time and see the changes seconds after they made them.

Microsoft enthusiast should be excited to see this coming to the office suite.   Google pioneered this functionality with Google Apps, and it has been a feature that pulls users over to the Google platform.  I have used the Google platform with other users that have invited me to collaborate with them on docs they have developed on Google.  I have been a loyal Microsoft Office user.  This is an exciting move for the loyal Microsoft Office suite user.   I use both MAC and PC with MAC being my primary interface in office.  I’m hoping the availability of this on the MAC platform will not be far behind the Windows platform.