Early Days

Well here I am, baby Will. I was born May 2nd, 1978 to Jim and Cynthia Nelson.  I was the first child, and I have five siblings. They are Christina, Michael, David, Angela, and Mikayla. Would you believe I named 4 of them?  Well, its true.  I begged my parents to name Michael after my best friend in grade school.  His first and last name was Michael James.  My parents named him Michael James Nelson.  Next was David, I was a huge Star Trek TNG fan, and I loved the name William T. Ryker, my mom loved the name David after King David in the Bible. So when he was born, she named him William David Nelson.  Next, we have Angela, I watched her come into this world, and I was the first one to hold her.  For some reason the Doctor assumed I was the father and put the wristband on me, handed me my baby sister and said congratulations, you have a daughter, after a moment, I realized what he said and corrected him explaining I was the brother and the older man on the couch was the father. My mom loved the name Renee, so when the Doctor asked what her name is, my mom looked at me, then looked at her and said Angela, Renne Nelson. Angela was named after the girl I had a huge super crush on Angela Roberts.  Last we have Mikayla Jacqueline Nelson.  When Mikayla was born, I had already moved to Seattle and started my new adventure.   My dad was married twice before, so I also have four yes four half-sisters.  They are Debbie, Lori, Lisa, and Nicole.  This means I was an uncle at a very young age.  I have three super cool nephews.  Clayton, Zachery, and Johnathan.

My parents were both born in Southern California, and both through various reasons migrated to Northern California where they met. My parents are still married today.  My parents are also 19 years difference in age. In this photo you really can’t tell but, it’s true.  I grew up listening to Johnny Mathis, Kenny Rogers, to Elvis Presley and Beatles to name a few.  My dad joined the Army, served in Germany, and after leaving moved to Northern California to work for his Uncle Bill Bishop who was running a Construction Firm.  My dad learned how to be a General Contractor and decided that was what he wanted to do. So I grew up in an entrepreneur family with my father running a Construction Business.  He focused on custom concrete work.  Driveways, Sidewalks, pools, decks, small bridges, with various designs and types.  My mom helped out but mostly was a homemaker raising me and my siblings.  She was extremely active in the political world, church, and other types of volunteer opportunities.  She eventually went back to college and obtained her Master’s Degree in Phycology. But this is me!

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