Success starts with making the bed

As the weather is changing and cooler climates become the norm, here is a quick, simple note to make your day better and your night rewarding. It is as simple as making your bed. Have you ever thought about the benefits of making the bed when you roll out to start your day? The value of something so trivial can be the start of a successful, positive, and fruitful day.  I know your thinking right now “how can making the bed be so important to my day?”

Well, it’s the first task of the day you completed most likely in under 2 minutes.  This will give you a sense of accomplishment.  It’s something small and trivial but think of it as a stretching exercise before you jump into a full workout.  This task sets the precedence of the rest of the workday.

Another benefit to making the bed is the benefit to yourself coming home to a freshly made bed, bringing a sense of reward and comfort that a task you accomplished hours ago, is there for you to enjoy. Climbing into a nice looking, and clean bed brings a zen of comfort and clarity.

If you bring someone home and they happen to walk past your room, you will feel a sense of pride and confidence in them seeing you are structured at home just as well as you are at work.