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Welcome to Will’s Personal Home Page launched March 2017. Well, I guess it’s the world from my view, or perspective,  a glimpse in how I journey onward.  Let me start off saying I’m a geek, and I love being a geek.  I also like to help.  I’m contacted all the time by friends and family on all topics checking in to see if I can provide any help.  I will do all I can to source the information, provide feedback, recommendations, and direction.  If I cannot help myself, I generally can track down the resource or individual who can help.  I love to make people feel great, guide them along, stand with them through the narrow roads, and let them shine brightly on the open road.

When working on projects, you have your team that needs your guidance and direction. However, you also have several other teams, decision makers, stakeholders, that all need to be heard, feel valued, know they have a voice and will be heard.  Sometimes the answer may be no! Or, the overall organization must go a different direction. However, a great leader puts the time in and treats all the individuals involved with respect, motivation, and encouragement.

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I have tried to divide my Web Site up into two primary sections.  Personal Will & Professional Will.

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